Turkey, diving!

Feeding the fish

picss 20
Mating season for the flat worms
picss 32
Colourful blenny?
picsss 005
Sea cucumber
picsss 013
Tube worm
picssss 01
Sleeping sting ray, and parrot fish
picsss 018
A conger eel giving us a warning sign; opening and closing its mouth
picsss 024
Cow fish, very camouflaged
picsss 028
School of neon blue fish
picsss 043
Massive sea urchin
picsss 037
Rockfish, in the middle of the crevice
picssss 10
Flying gurnard. It had electric blue spots on its ‘wings’, which this picture doesn’t give it justice.
picssss 29
Feeding the fish
picssss 38
Camouflaged flat fish
picssss 41
Flat fish
picsss 069
Ornate wrasse
ssss 21
The hull of a shipwreck
ssss 27
Squirrel fish, taking shelter, very shy
Octopus with it's companion, a painted comber
Octopus with it’s companion, a painted comber
octopus 18 copy
octopus and painted comber

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