Farne Islands 2 361

The Farne Islands, October 2015.

A weekend of amazing diving! We dived quite close to the Farne Islands. I think we were diving where the seals congregated to play and rest (we didn’t see many fish, just urchins, lobsters, crabs and starfish).

Farne Islands 2 057

They were very gentle, not biting us, just wanting to interact with us.

Farne Islands 2 457

2 walls covered in dead man’s fingers.

Farne Islands 2 213

Each one that came up to us would interact with us for about 2 minutes and then would swim off probably to another pair of divers.

Farne Islands 2 077

They all had personalities.

Farne Islands 2 122

Only the bolder, more curious seals came up to us.

Farne Islands 2 160

This seal was so comfortable with divers that it stayed sleepy while we stroked it.

Farne Islands 2 328

Our flippers were a biting attraction.

Farne Islands 2 381

There were a lot of them! Spent most of our time only at a depth of 5-8m and we were in the company of seals for most of our 40-50 minute dives.

Farne Islands 2 528

This seal let me stroke it for 5 minutes!

Farne Islands 2 601

Even took my glove off!

Farne Islands 2 024

They were very acrobatic in the water, and quick when they wanted to be!


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